VJ Festival


As part of the last inter-company course at ZLI ICT, we created the VJ Festival, an imaginary event that took place at Kalanderplatz in Sihlcity. The project encompassed the concept, marketing mix, documentation, poster, trailer, and website for this exciting festival, all created within ten days! We received bald shots of Sihlcity and whimsical visuals from the sample jockeys of this festival, which added a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the event.

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Hi there

I'm Sabrina

I'm Sabrina, a Mediamatikerin EFZ with a vocational baccalaureate in economy, looking for exciting challenges. As a lateral thinker, game changer and born leader, I'm ambitious, determined and full of drive. Reflective and detail-oriented, I create innovative, networked solutions.

Let's conquer new horizons together with enthusiasm and grace and leave a lasting impression wherever we go.