Wine Tram


During my time at VBZ, I had a significant role in the project management of the romantic wine tram, and my main responsibilities included conceiving the subject, creating image compositions, and designing layouts for all on- and offline communication media. I also handled the communication of these materials on social media, the vbzonline blog, and the VBZ website. This project was a great success, and it paved the way for me to take charge of redesigning the communication media for the Ticino Aperitivo Tram.

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Hi there

I'm Sabrina

I'm Sabrina, a Mediamatikerin EFZ with a vocational baccalaureate in economy, looking for exciting challenges. As a lateral thinker, game changer and born leader, I'm ambitious, determined and full of drive. Reflective and detail-oriented, I create innovative, networked solutions.

Let's conquer new horizons together with enthusiasm and grace and leave a lasting impression wherever we go.