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Inspired by my passion for the media industry, I create captivating content and combine creativity with technical know-how as a Mediamatiker EFZ. My project management experience allows me to design effective solutions with enthusiasm and dedication, always striving for excellence.

Some of my skills

Web Design

Work experience

Stadtpolizei Zürich ---------(2022-2023)

I had the opportunity to actively integrate myself into the new corporate design of the city of Zurich and to further optimise my keen eye for detail. As part of my final thesis, I successfully carried out a comprehensive video production, accompanied by a communication concept that was of course based on SEO best practices. In addition, my focus was mainly on the development and implementation of print media in a variety of formats and designs. I was able to make a significant contribution especially in the realisation in the area of personnel advertising.

Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich ---------(2021-2022)

I was able to contribute directly to the marketing source and develop my skills in a targeted way. I was significantly involved in the game design that was developed for the launch of the Night Network 2022. Furthermore, I was responsible for social media marketing and regularly had the opportunity to create high-quality photographs. In addition to these tasks, I was also partly responsible for the project management of the Wine Tram.

Schulamt Zürich -----------(2020-2021)

During my basic apprenticeship year at ZLI ICT, I was able to acquire comprehensive knowledge and deepen it during my assignment year at the Zurich City School Office. I further developed my skills in graphic design, content management system administration, animation creation and professional photography. In the process, I implemented visual concepts, designed appealing graphics, managed content on the website, communicated complex issues through animations and created high-quality photos. In addition, I had the opportunity to introduce and conduct my own interview chain.

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Hi there

I'm Sabrina

I'm Sabrina, a Mediamatikerin EFZ with a vocational baccalaureate in economy, looking for exciting challenges. As a lateral thinker, game changer and born leader, I'm ambitious, determined and full of drive. Reflective and detail-oriented, I create innovative, networked solutions.

Let's conquer new horizons together with enthusiasm and grace and leave a lasting impression wherever we go.